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That's right, we do help with Organic & Non Organic both.
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Rent Your Farm

No Time For Agriculture? Leave it on us

In this busy world, we totally understands you. For land owners having kind of problem, we have a solution for you. We at Mahakal Agro helps you for taking care of everything and every cultivation process on your land.

In this shared cultivation, we take all the responsibilities and management. By using our expertise (Weather Testing, Soil Testing & Water Testing at our Lab) and our market studies, we choose a perfect Guaranteed Crop Product for your farm and process on that.

As a Shared Cultivation, the land-owners/Farmers have no need for any of deep knowledge of Agriculture. Time to time plant disease check, proper nutrition to give, growth check and all other important things will be mange by team Mahakal Agro.


Do you have Farm but no time for Agriculture?

Let’s arrange a Free Audit to know how to make money from your ideal stand by property (farm) and helps you.


Our Shared Cultivation Process


Set Free Audit of your farm for initiating the process.


Mahakal Agro will help for testing Weather, Soil & Water by Lab Testing


We provide proper plan based on most trending market crop product


You earn from these total efforts and make value of your land