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Mahakal Agro. Your One Stop Agriculture Solution.

Mahakal Agro deals with vegetables, fruits and other foods as well. We are doing  import and export the same with different states and countries.

Mahakal Agro believes in long relationships, trust, quality, customers satisfaction. We are dealing with farmers directly and helping them to solve all type of problems.

Organic Food Healthy World
Helping Farmers To Produce More

Whether Organic or non-organic, based on the farmer's request we help them to get best production in any season. Our aim is to help farmers for their agricultural growth.

Helping Farmers To Sell With More Cost

Not just with helping with agriculture production, we also help farmers to sell their crop with good cost in the market, no matter about the volume of crop.

Your Land & Our Efforts, Simply Earn

We understand the busy world. But you have a land / farm, we have knowledge... so why don't convert it into profit !! We help land or farm owners for Agriculture production and earn from that.

We love the Nature

Our commitment to the Environment

& More Farmers Connected With Us
& More Farmers Connected With Us
Lakhs total earning of all Farmers
Lakhs total earning of all Farmers
Acer land on which we worked
Acer land on which we worked

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  • Weather Testing
    Weather Testing

    Vegetables from FreshDirect. Our farms deliver to us daily, ensuring you only eat the best of what's in season

  • Soil & Water Testing
    Soil & Water Testing

    Our farms deliver to us daily, ensuring you only eat the best of what's in season vegetables from FreshDirect.

  • Current Market Demand
    Current Market Demand

    Deliver to us daily, ensuring you only eat the best of what's in season vegetables from FreshDirect our farms.

  • Choose Organic / Inorganic
    Choose Organic / Inorganic

    Vegetables from FreshDirect. Our farms deliver to us daily, ensuring you only eat the best of what's in season

Discover nature

We have expertise in these areas

Sustainability and Climate Change

Our agricultural background means we’re equally at home meeting face-to-face with farmers as we are engaging.

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Advice and farm implement

Largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice.

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Why we're different


We’r straight forward to deal with experts in our field, to provide awesome results.


Helping farm owners to get best treatment and earn well from agriculture.


We have deep agricultural knowledge that saves your time & money.


We advice perfect product for you, based on different parameters & deep analysis.


By joining with us, you will get free regular tips and E-books for your farm


We personally visits your farm to avoid mistakes & help for genuine growth.

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Farming in the Middle Ages

Farming improved in the Middle Ages. One big improvement was the heavy plow sometime.

World’s food and fabrics

Agriculture provides most of the world’s food and fabrics. Cotton, wool, and leather are all agricultural products.

Wood agricultural methods

Agriculture also provides wood agricultural methods used for construction and paper products.

Start of Agriculture

Over centuries, the growth of agriculture contributed to the rise of civilizations the heavy plow sometime.

Hunting wild animals and gathering

Before agriculture became widespread, people spent most of their lives searching for food—hunting wild animals and gathering wild plants.

Farming were cultivating

The first domesticated plant was probably rice or corn. Chinese farmers were cultivating rice as early as 7500 BCE.

Source of our food

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Understanding Sustainable Agriculture: Methods for Environmental Stewardship

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Years of total family experience in agriculture industry

Despite slightly declining beef consumption rates in this country, beef is still what’s for dinner in many American households.

Qlark Thomas
— The FoodPrint of Beef
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For Better Soleil
We Care All Fields

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Oct Black Grape

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